Why I support the NDP

I am a born and raised Albertan, I grew up in the 90's, and up until a few years ago, the only form of provincial government that I was familiar with was the Progressive Conservatives. In my lifetime as an Alberta, I have been a student in a crowded classroom, a student not in school due to teachers strike, I have watched my mother, a Registered Nurse, come home later and more tired from work as more and more responsibility was placed upon her. In university, my tuition almost exponentially increased as I received "Ralph bucks" in the mail that didn't even cover the "extra fees" I  was charged at school. I have watched public services dwindle, seen employment opportunities with the provincial government disappeared due to cutbacks and waited for over 8 hour in hospital crowded emergency rooms. 

In 2011, I moved to Fort McMurray, and from 2011 - 2014 Oil would hover around $100 per barrel. But even in the "prosperous time" I would drive on crumbling highways, watch a provincially funded seniors facility get derailed time and time again, I have seen oil sands company would bring in record profits and schools would be closing in major urban areas. Then in 2015, oil began to slide, and the NDP was elected. I watched as hateful rhetoric spewed all over social media about Rachel Notely, I watched as people said the province was in turmoil and I hoped that the predicted doomsday forecast under an NDP government wouldn't come true. 

The reality, oil prices are still down, but our senior's facility is getting built, my friends who are teachers are getting employed. Driving through Lac La Biche, they now have a dialysis facility and not a bus outside the hospital for treatment. The provincial building downtown is alive once more and while house prices have gone down, and my community is recovering from a fire, we have hope. 

So, now the government who was predicted to give up on the oil industry fights for a pipeline.  The government who was supposed to bring a doomsday agenda to our province is opening new facilities. 

I support the NDP because they haven't forgotten about regular Albertan's, they haven't forgotten about people like me. My support the NDP because my life, my community, and my province are better with them.