Part Deux

The second anniversary of the fire has come and gone. I decided to commemorate the day by trying to make it like any other day in my life. It was good. I had a chance to look back on the media interviews I did for the one year anniversary, and I cringed while watching. I feel that in those interviews I was still trying to sensationalize the moments of the fire, my mental illness and all that had occurred. The reality is that the fire didn't need to be embellished, dressed up or exaggerated. My mental illness does not require any more attention than it already gets.

My life has changed. In 2018, I have quit my job and moved to a smaller organization. I am minimizing my belongings, and I am in an honest, loving relationship. I have a life coach, personal goals that mean something to me and I feel happy. 

A significant change for me is that I try only to do one thing at a time. If I am walking my dog, I walk my dog. If I am cooking, I cook. If I am driving, I drive. If I am feeling sad, I feel sad. I try to make 100 % of my focus, time and energy on whatever it is that I am doing, then move on to the next thing. Meaning, when the weather changed, and memories of 2016 came up; I did everything I could to feel those feelings, sit with them, and accept that they are a part of the person I am.

Life is good.