Week 20 - TIME CHANGE!

6:00 AM. 

That's right, no more 5:30 am. We start at 6:00, you can get up at 5:30 and still make the workout. 

Why the shift? Why the change? Because we want you. We want more of you to come out and even for me the idea of getting up for a 6:00 am workout is much more appealing than a 5:30 am workout. So please, show up. We want to build a community, a tribe of people who for 30 minutes once a week unite in the insanity that is an outdoor workout. 

So 6:00 am, if you come and you hate it, the coffee is on us. Seriously. We will buy you a coffee and even one of those breakfast sandwiches. But we think you will love it. 

Also, we this week we have Buff's to give away. 

See you on Wednesday. 

Week 19

Ok so I missed a few weeks. Here is the recap: 

We are #weatherproof, so far our coldest day was - 38 degrees celsius, - 52 degrees with the windchill. We went sledding. It was fun. 

We have a co-leader - Borrey. He's fucking awesome. 

Our workouts have included: burpees, stairs, push ups, dips, wall sits, sit ups, runs, hills, sleds, cards, 3D printed dice, playground equipment, a banana and coffee 

We have hosted: a fox (on multiple occasions), the northerns lights (also multiple occasions), many wonderful people, a few people who have given us strange looks and a couple mosquitos. 

We are still going strong. EVERY Wednesday. 5:30 am. 

The truth is simply this. It doesn't matter if you have never showed up, it doesn't matter if you have come every week. What does matter is that THIS Wednesday you show up. 5:30 am. That is it. That's all. #justshowup 

Week 4.

This past Wednesday was week four of free fit. Two sessions at 5:00 am, two session at 5:30. I knew when I started this it would be hard waking up in the morning and being a co-leader of Free Fit, it would mean that I didn’t have an excuse to not go. The concept that free fit is based on consistently every week, on Wednesday mornings, rain, shine, snow or whatever a free workout will take place. Before I started Free Fit I had the opportunity to chat with a November Project co-leader about the struggles of waking up and showing up and leading. Her response: “its only 4 days a month, its once a week that you are getting up and after you get into it, believe me, you will look forward to those mornings and then you will want more”

So I set a goal, I was going to commit to this for at least 4 times, 4 days out of 30 I would wake up early, bring my camera and set out to do a 30 min workout with whomever showed up. After four weeks if this wasn’t working I would shut things down and go back to my mornings of snoozing. Week one sucked. Getting out of bed sucked, being cold in the morning sucked, dragging myself up and down the stairs sucked but by the time the end of the workout came around I was so prepped for the day. Week 2, I got to carry a bit of that positivity but the initial getting out of bed was still terrible. Week 3, a little better and by week 4, this week; I was looking forward to being their.

I look forward to 5:00 am Wednesday mornings when my alarm goes off. Its only been 4 sessions and I am already excited for session 5, 6, 15, 100. I get it, I understand how a program like November project catches on, I understand how good it feels to be active in the morning and how that invigorates the rest of your day.

I also understand how much it sucks to start something new, how easy it is to roll over and not come, how insane a 5:30 am workout seems. But I challenge you to give yourself 4 days, 4 days in the next month to come, once a week, you defy your mind, body and alarm clock and you show up.

See you on Wednesday.



Aug 23_5.jpg


Ok, so thank you to everyone who has come out, planned to come out, thought about coming etc etc.

Here are some FAQ to help with any confusion:

Free? Really? Actually?

Yes, I am a wildlife biologist not a personal trainer, I love fitness, but I am not here to make any money. This is not a bait and switch where I drag you out to the field in the dark morning then force you to etransfer me $10 because I hid your car keys while you were working out. This is about people getting together, running a lap, doing some stairs then going off on their day. Community not cash.

How fit do I have to be?

Not fit at all, the workouts are designed for you at your own pace and really I honestly mean that. If we are running stairs someone might do 30 flights in 30 min, someone might do 5 flights, you do you. The workouts are general, adaptable, just come out and walk.

What is expected of me?

Just show up. You will need to sign a waiver at your first time but other than that, show up.

What if it is raining? Snowing? Or Hailing tar sand beetles?

We are #weatherproof, which means EVERY Wednesday we will be working out. The location may change, but is it always free. You even get a badge of honour for coming out in -30, and an even bigger honour for -40. Dress for the weather. If its hailing tar sand beetles, it might be the end of the world which is an even better reason to show up and get one final workout in. 

Why pictures?

Pictures help us to build community, to support each other and provide something that says “yes, I did that”. We end our workouts with a group pic, high fives, consensual hugs and then you are off to be a superhero for the rest of the day. 

More questions?

Fire me off an email at sithara.fernando@gmail.com or message me on the YMM Free Fit page, if you see me around town, feel free to come up and chat :) 

See you on Wednesday!


YMM Free Fit

Ok so what is all of this about? Well the ultimate goal is to one day bring the magic of November Project to Fort McMurray (we are currently in no way affiliated with, a part of, or any other stuff I need to say to not violate the copyright they hold). If you are not familiar with them you can check them out here https://november-project.com/

The way you join YMM Free Fit is you just show up, 5:00 am at the field at Holy Trinity, 30 min of working out followed by a picture then off to your day.

This morning for our first session someone showed up. One person. Incredible if you ask me.  We ran stairs, planked, lunged, walked around the track and then ran some more stairs. That is courage. Showing up is hard, but if one person can do it, perhaps you can too.

YMM Free Fit will always be an inclusive place, can’t do stairs? No problem. Can’t plank? No problem. Don’t know what a burpee is? No Problem. All I ask is that you come, treat yourself to 30 min for yourself as the sun rises. This group is not about what you can and cannot do, it is not about being the fastest, strongest or the most fit.

This group is adult recess, so come outside and play.