YMM Free Fit

Ok so what is all of this about? Well the ultimate goal is to one day bring the magic of November Project to Fort McMurray (we are currently in no way affiliated with, a part of, or any other stuff I need to say to not violate the copyright they hold). If you are not familiar with them you can check them out here https://november-project.com/

The way you join YMM Free Fit is you just show up, 5:00 am at the field at Holy Trinity, 30 min of working out followed by a picture then off to your day.

This morning for our first session someone showed up. One person. Incredible if you ask me.  We ran stairs, planked, lunged, walked around the track and then ran some more stairs. That is courage. Showing up is hard, but if one person can do it, perhaps you can too.

YMM Free Fit will always be an inclusive place, can’t do stairs? No problem. Can’t plank? No problem. Don’t know what a burpee is? No Problem. All I ask is that you come, treat yourself to 30 min for yourself as the sun rises. This group is not about what you can and cannot do, it is not about being the fastest, strongest or the most fit.

This group is adult recess, so come outside and play.