Ok, so thank you to everyone who has come out, planned to come out, thought about coming etc etc.

Here are some FAQ to help with any confusion:

Free? Really? Actually?

Yes, I am a wildlife biologist not a personal trainer, I love fitness, but I am not here to make any money. This is not a bait and switch where I drag you out to the field in the dark morning then force you to etransfer me $10 because I hid your car keys while you were working out. This is about people getting together, running a lap, doing some stairs then going off on their day. Community not cash.

How fit do I have to be?

Not fit at all, the workouts are designed for you at your own pace and really I honestly mean that. If we are running stairs someone might do 30 flights in 30 min, someone might do 5 flights, you do you. The workouts are general, adaptable, just come out and walk.

What is expected of me?

Just show up. You will need to sign a waiver at your first time but other than that, show up.

What if it is raining? Snowing? Or Hailing tar sand beetles?

We are #weatherproof, which means EVERY Wednesday we will be working out. The location may change, but is it always free. You even get a badge of honour for coming out in -30, and an even bigger honour for -40. Dress for the weather. If its hailing tar sand beetles, it might be the end of the world which is an even better reason to show up and get one final workout in. 

Why pictures?

Pictures help us to build community, to support each other and provide something that says “yes, I did that”. We end our workouts with a group pic, high fives, consensual hugs and then you are off to be a superhero for the rest of the day. 

More questions?

Fire me off an email at or message me on the YMM Free Fit page, if you see me around town, feel free to come up and chat :) 

See you on Wednesday!