Week 20 - TIME CHANGE!

6:00 AM. 

That's right, no more 5:30 am. We start at 6:00, you can get up at 5:30 and still make the workout. 

Why the shift? Why the change? Because we want you. We want more of you to come out and even for me the idea of getting up for a 6:00 am workout is much more appealing than a 5:30 am workout. So please, show up. We want to build a community, a tribe of people who for 30 minutes once a week unite in the insanity that is an outdoor workout. 

So 6:00 am, if you come and you hate it, the coffee is on us. Seriously. We will buy you a coffee and even one of those breakfast sandwiches. But we think you will love it. 

Also, we this week we have Buff's to give away. 

See you on Wednesday.