Week 19

Ok so I missed a few weeks. Here is the recap: 

We are #weatherproof, so far our coldest day was - 38 degrees celsius, - 52 degrees with the windchill. We went sledding. It was fun. 

We have a co-leader - Borrey. He's fucking awesome. 

Our workouts have included: burpees, stairs, push ups, dips, wall sits, sit ups, runs, hills, sleds, cards, 3D printed dice, playground equipment, a banana and coffee 

We have hosted: a fox (on multiple occasions), the northerns lights (also multiple occasions), many wonderful people, a few people who have given us strange looks and a couple mosquitos. 

We are still going strong. EVERY Wednesday. 5:30 am. 

The truth is simply this. It doesn't matter if you have never showed up, it doesn't matter if you have come every week. What does matter is that THIS Wednesday you show up. 5:30 am. That is it. That's all. #justshowup